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Monster Physics Science Game For Smart Kids

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Science games for kids are in high demand. Monster Physics for the iPad and iPhone, developed by educational game designer Dan Russell-Pinson, is the first to offer an ideal balance between education and entertainment, enticing kids to learn while they play. If you are looking for an educational game to give your child an academic boost in the sciences, look no further … Monster Physics is amazing!

Monster Physics is a unique science app that encourages kids to build intricate, working devices, such as cars, planes and rockets, out of a list of available components. Each component, currently there are 68 available, possesses a particular physical property that demonstrates a basic physics concept such as mass, gravity, rotation, friction (or lack thereof), etc. As the child adds different components, her contraption takes on different characteristics and moves differently throughout the Monster Physics environment.

After becoming familiar with the basic physical characteristics of each component, and thereby the basic laws of physics, Monster Physics presents the child with various missions requiring the use of specific components and specific physics concepts to successfully complete the challenges. Each subsequent mission increases the level of difficulty, allowing the child to progress from the most basic of physics concepts through to some quite elaborate scientific enigmas. Progression through the game requires familiarity with the displayed scientific concepts, creative problem solving abilities, and focus … but, nonetheless, it is still a game and kids love it.

Monster Physics Science Game Screens

The use of apps and electronic educational games to prepare children for academic challenges is still in its infancy. Most science games simply present scientific concepts and encourage rote memorization of the data. Monster Physics is different … it familiarizes the user with various basic principles of physics, allows the child to experiment with those principles, and then presents the child with challenges that require creative problem solving and implementation of the learned principles in order to achieve predefined goals. In short, Monster Physics does exactly what any typical physics class does, but in an engaging manner that children find extremely entertaining … if not addicting. Monster Physics is the first in a new breed of entertaining educational apps, and a must have for any budding young critical thinker with an iPad or iPhone.